Swamiji's Guru's

Swamiji has been truely blessed to have the association of some amazingly poweerful and profoundly spiritual Gurus.  When each Guru had prepared Swamiji for the another, they instructed him to go on to the next.  Swamiji has wanted nothing more than to serve his Guru's, so he naturally bowed to their will for him, thought it was never his desire to leave his Guru for another.  Each of these self-realized saints has a truely unique personality and way of teaching.  Each was perfect for the lessons and blessings they brought to Swamiji.  Without their constant blessings and inner guidance, Swamiji's sucesses would not have been possible.  Swamiji has risen above all odds, to master Vedas, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish at a very young age living apart from his Gurus in America.  Many Indians train formally and directly with a master in any one of these disciplines for many decades before they attain mastery.  Swamiji's profound sucess in his path of spiritual study has surely been due to their endless grace.  He offers the fruits of his efforts to the fulfillment of their view of peace for the world.  They are the light of his light, which has been an inspiration to so many.      

Satguru Subramuniyaswami

About Gurudeva's Work

When Gurudeva returned to America he began preparing teachings to help corect the many misconceptons of Western Scholars about Hinduism.  Gurudeva codified his teachings into three deeply elaborate books detailing every aspect of the spiritual life for Hindus called "Dancing with Siva," "living with Siva," and "Merging with Siva."  Gurudeva wrote dozens of other books and pamphlets and his Sannyasins are working to bring out English translations of the Saivagamas. In addition to these teachings, Gurudeva provided support and guidance to the growing numbers of Hindu people in the west.  He started dozens of charity organizations and helped found over 50 Hindu Temples.  His Ashram, located on the beautiful Island of Kauai (Hawaii) is now home to dozens of Sannyasins and Brahmacharis.  There the monastic comunity is working with the help of shilpis (stone carvers) under the guidance of V. Ganapathi Sthapati to complete a grand solid stone Shiva "Iraivan" Temple.  This Temple is said to be the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.  The Shiva lingam itself is a huge, Swayambu (formed by Nature) Quartz Crystal point found by Gurudeva on the Ashram land.  This lingam weighs over 700 lbs and is said to be a wish-fulfilling vigraha (image) of Lord Shiva.  When Gurudeva attained Mahasamadhi on Dipavali night in 2001 he passed on the lineage to his senior-most disciple Bodhinatha Veylonswami, who is said to be the living embodiment of Thirumular.    

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Gurudeva Subrahmuniyaswami was a deeply spiritual master.  He was the 162nd Satguru of the Nandinatha Sampradaya's kailasa parampara.  This is the lineage of Thirumular, who is one of 63 Nayanars (Tamil Saiva Saints) and author of the deeply revered Thirumantiram.  The Nandinatha Sampradaya is also the lineage of Patanjali, who authored the Yoga Sutras.  Both of these saints and this lineage have deep conections to Chidambaram Temple in Tamil Nadu.  Subrahmuniyaswami's Guru was Siva Yogaswami from Shri Lanka.  Subramuniyaswami's parents died when he was very young.  In time he took up a study of Yoga and traveled to India and then to Shri Lanka in search of his Guru.  In the forrests near Jaffna, he gave away his clothes and entered into some caves to meditate.  Before physically meeting his Guru Subramuniyaswami had the realization of the Divine Self.  He attributed this to his Guru's inner guidance.  Yogaswami astonished his disciples by giving diksha to the young blond-haired American, and telling them that he was their Guru.   When Siva Yogaswami had Mahasamadhi, the Shri Lankan devotees asked their Guru to return.  He told them that he would not, but he visited them in dreams through which he instructed, healed, and initiated the disciples.  A few years after Yogaswami's Mahasamadhi, the civil war in Shri Lanka became quite intense.  With tensions high between Hindus and Buddhists, most Hindus who could afford to fled the country and moved to the western countries like Canada, USA, and Australia.  When these Hindus came to the west, their Guru already had begun work to build an ashram.     

 Though Gananathamritananda Swami never had the physical darshan of Gurudeva Subramuniyaswami before his Mahasamadhi in 2001, he says that Gurudeva's teachings and blessings have been the guiding light and power for his own work.  Though Swamiji has no formal association with this Sampradaya, it is his extremely great fortune to continue to serve this great lineage in various ways.  

Bodhinatha Veylonswamiji with Swamiji (Left) at the Maryland Murugan Temple Nalur Festival    

Mata Amritanandmayi Devi

Ammachi Dressed for Devi Bhava

When Swamiji first met Ammachi in about 2003, it was a life changing experience for him.  When he saw her, he knew that her voice was one of the familiar voices which had been guiding him since his childhood.  Though he did not have the opportunity to spend much physical time with his Amma, he spoke to her incessantly.  He desired nothing more than to be with his Guru. When he came to her to have darshan she said "why have you come to recieve?  You are the same as I; go and give to the people.  When you give there is no concer about recieving"  Her instructions to remain apart and to teach and bless the people he encountered were difficult for him to bear.  In those days, Swamiji spent all day sitting in the local temple crying and praying for his Guru's darshan.  This sadhana has helped Swamiji to be able to see his Guru in al things.  This very great saint blessed Swamiji with the vision of God.  She is responsible for Swamiji's experience of the Truths of Vedas.        

About Ammachi  

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Ammachi) was born in a small fishing villiage in Southern Kerala.  When she was born the midwife thought she was dead because she did not cry.  It was noticed then that the new born baby was smiling.  She spent her early years absorbed in intense spiritual sadhana and was often found in such a deep internal state that she could not be aroused from it.  As a young child she spent her time bathing, feeding, and caring for the sick people in her villiage.  By the age of five she was already composing deeply mystical bhajans.  She troubled her family by taking food and other items from her own home and giving them to the poor.  She kept her family awake all night at times singing bhajans.  Though they were concerned about their daughters strange behaviors and even beat her to get her to stop doing such things, nothing could deter her from her mission to serve the poor and needy.  When her parents decided she should marry, she said that she wished to remain pure for her Lord Krishna, and even chased away prospective grooms with a broom.  She makes no claims about herself, but is honored by her devotees as a living Goddess.  Ammachi says "My sole mission is to love and serve one and all." 

In this age of Kali Yuga it is extremely rare to find Spiritual Masters who win the support of the public.  Ammachi brings Her teachings of Love and service to hundreds of thousands of devotees world-wide.  She has recieved numerous awards for her humanitarians services.  She has won the support of many famous and influential people.  A.P.J. Abdul Kalam donated the first 10 months of his salary as the president of India to Ammachi's charities. 


Ammachi's Indian Webpage

 Ammachi's American Webpage

Yugapurusha Swami Paramanandaji Giri Mahamandeleshwara


About Swami Paramanandaji  

Swami Paramanandaji was born on the sacred festival day of Dipavali.  In his early childhood he spent many hours meditating and performing tapasya.  He spent many, many hours standing on one foot in the Sacred Ganga river.  He excelled at his studies, but when his family urged him to marry, he instead sought his Guru.  He was given sannyasin diksha into the ancient Gir Pada of the Shankaracharya Dashanami Sampradaya in Ujjain during the Kumbha Mela of 1956.  He then stayed close to his Guru, and attained God-realization.  Swamiji has been awarded many uncommon titles acknowledging his rare spiritual attainment.  Today Swamiji is a Mahamandaleshvara of the Giri Pada and has initiated many sincere souls into the ancient tradition of Sannyas.  He oversees numerous spiritual and charitable projects from his Math in Haridwar called Akhand Param Dham.  Today Swamiji has great popularity among the people with 10's of lakhs of people regularly attending his spiritual discourses.     

When Gananathamritananda Swami was completeing a 6 month Yajnam for the peace pf the world, he was visited in a vision by Swami Paramanandaji who said "Come see me."  The young purohit did not know who this strange Swami was or where to find him.  The same day, he came across a flyer for Swami Paramanandaji's lecture in the same town the next day.  When they met the Saint provided Sannyasin Diksha to the young seeker, without any formal rituals, but simply as a powerful transfer of shakti.      

Swamiji's Teachings 

Swamiji teaches people to know their True Self, which is Divine.  He expounds the ancient and complex teachings of Vedaanta in simple terms giving examples that even children can understand.  He is truely gifted at making these deep philosophical concepts graspable to the people.  Swamiji says that the true nature of the soul is infinite like the ocean but that people associate falsely with the waves on the shore.  Realizing that it is very difficult for people to seek for Truth beyond mundane life when life is full of sorrow, disease, and suffering, Swamiji has established numerous hospitals, schools, and charity organizations.  Swamiji teaches people to become calm and peaceful so they can realize their subtle inner nature by nurturing love and compassion for all.  He teaches people to cultivate love by serving.  Swamiji teaches that to realize God, people must become like children.  They must greet each new experience with joy and excitement.  Those who know Swamiji will attest that he is a master of this that he teaches.  To him life is a great pleasure, because he has the wisdom of His True Self.  It is his mission to share the endless bliss that arises from this realization with the world.


Swami Paramanandaji with Gananathamritananda and his young student at the Durga Temple in Virginia.

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Shrii Medhaa Dakshinamurti


When Swamiji's Guru's had prepared him for the grace of his Guru, Dakshinamurti, the formless Guru approached Swamiji and asked him to accept himas his final Guru.  Swamiji has said that if not for the grace of his living Guru's he could never had been prepared to ecieve teachings, instructions, and initiations from his Guru.  Swamiji sees his Guru within himself and throughout the world in all people and even inanamate objects.  It is this Guru's vision for the world  that Swamiji serves. 



Swamiji teaches his students to know his Guru, the true essence of all, by worshipping and serving the Lord in all things.  He has been blessed to be given the darshan of this silent teacher.  He bows to him in all things.  When asked by people "who is your Guru?" Swamiji often answers "you are."   To him it is natural to bow to the Lord in all things.  Every thing in the world is a perfect manifestation of the Lord's will to lead souls back to Him.  Everything is a great blessing and this is a very beatutiful realization that comes for the student who seeks the Lord's blessings in all circumstances.   

  About Dakshinamurti

Dakshinamurti is the Lord and the formless absolute.  He is the Guru of all Guru's.  He is the Lord Shiva in the form of teacher throughout the world.  He is subtle and hard to see.  Dakshinamurti is said to be the Southward facing Lord. Ramana Maharishi has interpreted this name to mean "Dakshina" "capable;" but "amurti" withoutform."  The Puranas tell us that the four sons of Lord Brahma; Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanaatana, and Sanatkumaara where performing tapasya to gain knowledge of the Absolute.  They were blessed by Lord Dakshinamurti with his darshan (vision).  He is subtle and hard to know, but blesses those who seek him from all places.  

He is depicted sitting under the banyan tree, with matted locks.  He is worshipped by the four sons of Lord Brahma.  He wears antalope skin, rudrakshas, and vibhuti.  He wears the Cresant Moon and Sun at his shikha (top-knot).  He hold rudraksha maalam, a scripture, damaroo, and fire.  He has cobras around him and shows the mystical Jnana Mudra (gesture of knowledge).  He is depicted stepping on Apasmara, a Demon who is the embodiment of ignorance. 

 Dakshinamurti Mantras

gurave sarva lokaanaM bhiShaje bhava roginam . nidhaye sarva vidyaanaam shrii dakshiNaamuurtaye namah ..     

I bow to the Formless-doer, pervading the whole world.  He is the source of all knowledge and frees the soul from disease.  He is the Guru in all things leading all souls to liberation.  His is the Guru of Gurus and to all the three worlds.  

tat-dakShiNaaya vidmahe guru-muurtaye dhiimahi . tanna shshivaH pracodayaat .

We meditate on the enabler who leads souls to aatma-jnaana (knowledge of the Supreme Self). We concentrate on the form of the Guru in all things.  May that Shiva (Infinite Consciousness) bring light to our consciousness. 

OM namo bhagavate dakshinaa-muurtaye mahyam shriiyam madhaam prajnaam prayaccha svaahaa .. 

OM I bow in offering to the reslpendent Dakshinamurti, who is the giver of Respect, Prosperity, Intelligence, and Wisdom.




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There is nothing more to say.  Swamiji is no one.  They are everything.  Any good that has occured through him has originated in his Guru's.     They have shown him how to humble himself and how to seek the Lord.  He came close to them and their Love burned away what stains had burdened him.  He does not know why he has been so blessed to have the association with such Saints.  They are not human; they are living Gods.  They have been his God, and Mother, and Father, and friend, and guide, and support, and strength.       The Satguru demonstrates all the attributes of God.  Through the Satguru the disciple comes to see what cannot be seen; he accomplishes what cannot be done; he attains what cannot be had.  They have shown him the Truth of the Vedas.  It is Swamiji's great fortune to be thoroughly dedicated to their service.  He works diligently to spread the peace and bliss that his Gurus have shared with him.      

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